A patent-pending, research backed, E-paper secondary monitor to reduce the negative health repercussions of using LCD screens for individuals recovering from a concussion. The product also may offer benefits to individuals living with chronic migraines, or suffering from eyestrain.


Iris Technologies' product is a 13.3 inch secondary computer monitor that is designed to be used concurrently or as a substitute to an LCD screen. The monitor uses E-paper technology, which refreshes only when the content of the screen changes. It does not have the bright flashing pixels of an LCD screen and is not backlit. Iris’ secondary monitor thereby could reduce concussion symptoms found with LCD screen use. This then allows patients to reintroduce daily tasks and a level of productivity into their life. Even reconnecting with their digital social network matters a great deal in the recovery process. The monitor may also offer benefits to someone suffering from chronic migraines or from eye strain cause by long-term computer use.