"My worst concussion symptom to date has been my severe sensitivity to light, which has made the use of a computer next to impossible. Iris’ secondary computer monitor allowed me to use my computer again and go back to work. It allowed me to increase my work day from a couple hours to a full day. I would recommend this device to anyone who has a difficulty viewing a computer screen caused from light sensitivity."

-David Goldband | Senior Manager, Grant Thornton


“As Manager of the Queen’s sick leave benefit and the accommodation program, I am consistently looking for new and innovative technology to ensure I am able to keep employees engaged in the workplace. Assistive technology on the market related to eyestrain is limited and the costs associated with medical absences related to concussions, migraines and musculoskeletal disorders continues to rise partly due to the large amount of computer usage required by the typical job at Queen’s. I see this product as a valuable resource to assist employees in staying more connected to the workplace and reducing our operational costs associated with prolonged absences.”

-Sydney Downing | Queen’s University Human Resources